How can outsourcing help your company?

September 6th, 2010 by Renu Chopra Leave a reply »

Reducing overhead costs is the easiest way to save your business money, and therefore increase its bottom line. One of the simplest ways to reduce overhead cost is to eliminate or significantly reduce the utilization of full-time employees. Many companies have realized that outsourcing various services is beneficial in a plethora of ways. Outsourcing, using outside help to complete tasks that are normally performed in-house, is not a new concept, as companies have been utilizing outside advertising firms, accounting companies and distributors for decades. Small- to medium-sized businesses can also benefit from outsourcing other tasks, such as promotional materials, which has been proven to have significant advantages that outweigh monetary benefits-although those are nice as well.

In addition to saving money, outsourcing various marketing and public relations and advertising services has many long-term benefits for companies of various sizes and types. Long-term outsourcing benefits are as follows:

• Increased productivity and efficiency

• Reduced labor costs

• Increase company attractiveness to investors-Invested capital will be spent directly making money rather than being poured into expensive salaries.

• Specialization-Outsourcing companies are often specialized in a specific area, rather than those who may be completing a project in-house who wear many hats.

• Increased competitive edge-Many small- to medium-sized businesses do not have the resources to compete with the in-house staff of large corporations. Outsourcing services enables smaller companies with an edge to compete.

• Focus on primary business concerns-Outsourcing writing and marketing services means that managers will have more time to focus on primary business operations, such as product development, distribution and sales.

Of course, there can always be too much of a good thing-outsourcing included. Sometimes it may not be wise to outsource all company writing or marketing services depending on the specific circumstances of the company. To avoid outsourcing too much or too little, prior to taking the leap into the world of business-to-business outsourcing, thoroughly evaluate current operations. How much is being produced and at what rate? Could outsourcing help you increase productivity and your company’s bottom line?



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