Payroll outsourcing ‘saves businesses time and effort

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Payroll outsourcing could save small businesses time and effort so they can focus on their core activities.

This is the opinion of Martyn Hart, chairman of the National Outsourcing Association, who argued farming operations out to third parties is particularly beneficial when times are hard.

He explained, back office activities can distract business owners from keeping workloads up, fighting the competition and maintaining customer satisfaction – all very important factors if firms are to attract interest when people are feeling the pinch.

“Why waste time and effort, not to mention money, doing payroll?” Mr Hart remarked. “A specialist can do it quicker, cheaper – and therefore, better – than you.”

He claimed outsourcing allows individuals to focus on improving their business’s prospects as well as cutting costs.

With the Office for Budget Responsibility recently forecasting as many as 710,000 public sector roles will have been lost by 2017, farming out back office functions may be something state-employer personnel should consider to reduce expenditure.



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