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IT outsourcing frees up valuable resources, expert says

October 2nd, 2010

Businesses should be embracing IT outsourcing to free up resources, not merely to reduce costs, it has been claimed.

Writing for, Adam Hartung commented that the overall objective when delegating functions to an external support provider is to make the business perform better.

“What most of them need is more room to experiment, try new technologies, try new applications, try new solutions, seek out new customer market opportunities and find ways to grow the business,” he suggested.

Mr Hartung said outsourcers can help achieve these goals, also noting that they can help complete end-of-life projects cheaply and quickly.

Firms should also be wary about spending on legacy systems as they plan to outsource IT, he noted.

Anthony Hayes, head of IT supplier management at the Royal Mail, recently told Computer Weekly that it is inevitable more businesses will choose to embrace IT outsourcing in future.


Increased IT outsourcing ‘is inevitable’

September 23rd, 2010

An increase in IT outsourcing is inevitable over the next few years, it has been suggested.

In an article for Computer Weekly, Kathleen Hall noted many leading IT decision-makers believe businesses will continue to move computing functions over to support and managed services providers.

The journalist observed Anthony Hayes, head of IT supplier management at Royal Mail, thinks departments should keep their IT strategy in-house, while outsourcing their day-to-day operations.

Mr Hayes said both parties need to maintain accountability and explained the practice demands a different mindset and style of working.

He added: “The biggest difference is now we have a bunch of people assuring the delivery of the service, as opposed to delivering everything themselves.”

Chief information officer at Severn Trent Myron Hryck acknowledged there is currently a significant amount of IT outsourcing taking place in the computing world.

Ben Birmingham, managing consultant at Quantum Plus, recently claimed support and managed services is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium-sized enterprises.


Hacking is getting increasingly sophisticated, says Norton

September 23rd, 2010

Hackers have moved on from simple scams to sophisticated espionage campaigns, it has been claimed.

According to IT security software provider Norton, some of the world’s largest corporations and government entities are now targets.

Con Mallon, security expert at Norton, said that in order to protect their IT systems, businesses must ensure that all employees are knowledgeable of the risks that surround them online.

He said: “Cybercriminals have increasingly turned their attention towards enterprises due to the potential for monetary gain from compromised corporate information.”

“Attackers have been leveraging the abundance of personal information, openly available on social networking sites, to synthesise socially engineered attacks on key individuals within targeted companies.”

The comments may encourage more companies to seek external PC support services through an IT outsourcing provider.

But all companies, irrespective of their IT setup, have been urged to take as many defensive precautions as possible.

“Ensuring all passwords are strong and difficult to break, avoiding the sharing of key information and clicking on unknown links, are key principles that must be engrained into employees,


Worldwide techservices provides technology services and solutions for 8 of 10 top pc manufacturers

September 23rd, 2010

Worldwide TechServices is quickly becoming the leading technology services and solutions provider in the world, providing infrastructure, professional services and onsite support services to eight of the top ten global PC manufacturers.

According to a May 2010 Gartner forecast the number of global PC shipments is expected to continue to rise 22 percent this year, up from its March forecast of 20 percent, primarily driven by strong consumer demand and the replacement of aging computers.

As consumers continue to purchase new PCs or even upgrade their current PCs, the demand for technical service and support will continue to increase.

“Worldwide TechServices’ extensive capability to provide warranty support for eight of the ten major OEM hardware manufacturers along with their support footprint make them a excellent partner in pursuing global Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing opportunities, especially for a company like TCS, who remains OEM vendor neutral supporting all client environments,” said Mike Millette, Tata Consultancy Services’ North American Head for End User Computing Solutions and Services.

“It is imperative that PC manufacturers have an expertly trained, certified, flexible and organized technical team behind them,” stated Brendan P. Keegan, Worldwide TechServices president and CEO.

“Because Worldwide TechServices delivers top tier customer service and technical expertise, the company is trusted by eight out of ten of the leading PC manufacturers.

With technicians immediately available in more than 50 countries, Worldwide TechServices expertly serves some of the fastest growing companies in many client locations.”

Worldwide TechServices delivers its top tier customer service and technical expertise through its award winning field service management system, Worldwide Information Technology System (WWITS).

Worldwide Information Technology System provides real-time updates on global parts provisioning and positioning, workload balancing, service event status and escalations, technician positioning, and global reporting and analysis.

IT outsourcing to make gains in europe

September 8th, 2010

More European organizations are likely to increase their outsourcing initiatives, according to a new study by Gartner.That’s not a big surprise – back in December 2009, market research and advisory firm TPI said European companies were outspending their their North American counterparts by approximately $1.2 billion in average annual contract value (ACV) through the third quarter of 2009. You can read that blog here.

Anyway, Gartner says that 53 percent of organizations in Europe said they would outsource more in 2010, with 40 percent of organizations planning to boost spending on external IT services. These findings are based on an online survey of 206 organizations in Europe during in the first quarter of 2010.

So why this outsourcing growth spurt among European organizations? Gartner says smaller organizations are more likely to contribute to this growth – the study found that that almost 15 percent (with IT budgets of less than €1 million, or about $1.27 million) expressed interest in outsourcing, up from barely six percent in 2009.Equally telling is the finding that companies are looking to outsource in order to better control costs while supporting an ever-demanding clientele of end users that want greater access to resources and capabilities, flexibility and scalability. “This more complex set of business requirements is not easy to address,” Claudio Da Rold, VP and analyst at Gartner, said in a prepared statement.

The increase in outsourcing usage—and the increase in spending on external IT services—is tempered with the fact that there continues to be pressure on capital and It operating expenditures, according to Gartner. Even though 40 percent are boosting spending on external IT services, only 24 percent of the respondents said that they will increase the budget for providers. Almost a quarter of organizations expect that their IT services budget will continue to decrease this year.

I’m curious – for those of you out there either working with an outsourcing provider on an existing contract, or planning to use outsourcing services in the next six months… what are your usage and/or spending plans like? Are you upping the ante, holding firm, or cutting back?


Wipro joins with oracle to deliver domain solution for industrial manufacturing, automotive and high tech industries

September 6th, 2010

Wipro Technologies the global Consulting, System Integration and Outsourcing business of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT), today announced an initiative with Oracle to jointly deliver a Warranty Management and Analytics solution for the Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive and High Tech industries.

This combined solution will leverage Wipro’s deep industry expertise and Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications to help streamline the warranty management process across OEMs and their suppliers, dealer service providers, and contract manufacturers to help reduce warranty expenses and fraudulent claims.

“Around 4 percent of warranty claims are fraudulent, making it one of the biggest challenges that the industry is facing today,” said John Barcus, Vice President, Manufacturing Industry Business Unit, Oracle. “We believe there is an immense opportunity to reduce these losses and an effective product warranty management solution is pivotal in helping reduce fraud-related losses. Wipro’s strong domain expertise in the Manufacturing, High Tech and Automobile industries and experience in development and deployment of Siebel CRM applications makes it a powerful partner for this solution.”

“Wipro is excited to work with Oracle in developing the Warranty Management solution to help our customers manage their claims more efficiently and accurately,” said N. S. Bala, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Industry SBU, Wipro Technologies. “We believe that a streamlined warranty process and analytics will allow customers to better predict their warranty exposure and better manage their warranty reserves. The solution will be hosted for demonstration at Wipro’s state-of-the-art Oracle Lab, OZONE allowing our clients to see the solution before their own infrastructure is up and running.”

Wipro is a leading Oracle services provider, rated by independent industry analysts as a leader in Oracle services, Wipro provides services from rack to stack across Oracle product suite.


The rising accounting outsourcing services

September 3rd, 2010

Calculating every petite detail of income and value on a day-to-day basis might be a boring piece of work that ought to be completed with scrupulous effort to make certain its precision.

Envision this charge being amplified multiple times – looks intimidating? So, the accounting division of any small business regardless of whether great or small level, calls for the exact loyalty and considerably more energy and at the same time utilizes a large amount of resources, both monetary and human.

Only an expert capable chartered accountant is often entrusted with the job of retaining financial records for anyone or small business.

Since the accounting sector employs a big quantity of wealth in the shape of staff and their salaries along with supplementary financial favors, these days increasingly businesses are realizing the benefits of accounting outsourcing services which might lend a hand to avoid wasting these assets.

Many vendors offer accounting outsourcing services nationally and internationally and it will be advisable to confirm the qualifications of the vendor organization prior to outsourcing any hush-hush details to this sort of vendor.

Former recommendations from firms in a business related to your career can be considered a safe credential in such a situation.

Accounting outsourcing services might help your enterprise bank a large amount of funds by lowering the cost of worker pay packets and benefits and enabling the small business to employ these resources in their principal business.

Moreover the fees charged by the experts for accounting outsourcing services are much less compared to the monetary assets that must be remunerated to in-house staff.

Accounting outsourcing services facilitate a corporation remain updated regarding its recent repute on a day-to-day basis.

The pros acting on behalf of the outsourcing vendor are capable in using the latest accounting software’s and use the software chosen by the customer, while maintaining the balance sheet.

A daily description is arranged containing the recurring dealings that take place during the conventional running of a small business and also the client is knowledgeable by way of over the internet file transfers.

The conventional class update and economic records help the decision-makers of a business to perceive vital decisions on the subject of opening out and augmentation for the business and ways and courses to moderate the losses.

Standard accounting also supplies the business with lucidity that gives it a fantastic popularity amongst investors, shareholders including the common man.

Submitting taxes and company auditing are decisive segments of operating a corporation, every company desires to get a clean account as, when taxes are calculated.

Accounting outsourcing services guarantee that the economic records of a company containing profit and loss statements, journals and ledgers, trial balances, bank reconciliation statements, balance sheets and supplementary documents are in perfect form for ready inspection at the time of paying taxes.

This exercise saves a great deal of time and energy , therefore submitting of taxes is a clear-cut procedure.

The manifold perks of doing business with accounting outsourcing services have served to increase the recognition of this service amid peoples and enterprises and more and more businesses are opting for this service globally.


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