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Why Outsourcing SEO Can Be A Costly Mistake

October 15th, 2014

By this point, most businesses understand the need for SEO (or at the very least, the importance of a high position in search engine results). But no matter the CMO’s level of comprehension, they all strive for the holy grail of Google: the elusive page 1 rank.Business person pushes the OUTSOURCE button to hire independent

And yet, when it comes to hiring SEO services, people get gun shy. Everyone wants it; few people want to pay for it.

Perhaps this is because, as a marketing tactic, SEO is relatively new. It doesn’t have the same time-honored results as traditional marketing.
Or maybe it’s just a matter of the bottom line.

No matter your level of expertise with SEO, it can be hard to resist the calls, emails and ads claiming to improve your search engine rank for cheap. The problem is that these offers often come from overseas companies that use borderline reputable or decidedly black hat strategies (i.e. spam) to give you a quick boost of internet traffic.

However, hiring these companies can backfire in a big way, negatively affect your reputation, and create a long-term, costly mess from which you may never recover.
Here are just a few of the downsides to outsourcing SEO:

Hardly any client input

Like any marketing partnership, your business should be involved in the decision-making process. Good marketers will talk to you in depth about your company; they’ll ask you to fill out questionnaires and define your buyer personas; they’ll conduct competitor research. In short, they’ll spend time crafting a precise plan to effectively promote your company, and meet your sales goals.

The same goes for hiring SEO services. However, when you hire a small-time or overseas company, they’re typically not very interested in your business. They’ll apply some general knowledge about your industry, and then hit the easy targets.

Whether they’re submitting your website to online directories, or posting less-than-stellar content on third-party sites to yield a low-authority backlink, or worse – using automated software to blindly post your link all over the internet – they take the easy, one-size-fits-all approach.

While some of these aren’t necessarily shady tactics (indeed, you might see a small spike in traffic to your site), they can hurt your business’s reputation. If a potential lead Googles your site and finds it listed on all these nameless, suspect third-party sites, he’ll likely choose a more reputable-seeming competitor instead.
No tracking

The lack of input from you and your company leads to sloppy SEO work. Without proper analysis, the SEO agency can’t create a customized, thoughtful plan of attack.

Although Google has recently said that it’s starting to de-emphasize keywords, keyword research remains an effective strategy for improving your site’s rank. But don’t expect it from the budget overseas company.

The big problem here is that, without proper tracking, you can’t follow which keywords are performing well for you. SEO is part art, part science. An expert applies both when handling your campaign, but he can’t do it without consistent analysis.

Optimization is critical. By seeing what’s working, an SEO can evaluate successful keywords and tactics, and extrapolate from those examples to other areas. Likewise, he can tweak the underwhelming words and phrases or throw them out altogether to maximize your investment.

Cheap search engine marketing agencies aren’t interested in your R.O.I. For the small amount that you’re paying them, it’s not worth it to keep track of your investment. At best, they might point to bumps in traffic to your site, but they can’t calculate, say, costs per click.

Their “cheap” fee may actually be a total waste of money.

Unreadable content

A less-than-reputable digital agency might score some low authority backlinks with ease. If you’re not terribly concerned about users finding these sites from the nether regions of the internet, maybe you can abide by this. But what about the company’s written content?

Most cheap SEO companies overseas reside in countries that don’t speak English as their native language. Consequently, their English skills are typically shaky at best. We’ve all come across content on purportedly “professional” websites consisting of poor grammar and awkward attempts at American slang. This is a red flag.

Most likely, the choppy jumble of English is the result of an internet marketer from another country who’s trying to place his client’s content on a third-party site. It looks totally natural and authentic, right?

The reality is no website with high authority will let this fly. At most, it will allow the content but strip any links or obvious promotion, thereby undermining the entire effort. Content marketing is a great idea, but not when it’s poorly written or haphazardly implemented.

As this Entrepreneur article points out, a less-than-reputable SEO agency might even use software to cull content from different sources, and then effectively spin it together, yielding new, hybrid pieces of content.

Is this how you really want your business to be reflected online?

Potential penalty by Google

While questionable SEO tactics are certainly bad for your company’s reputation, you could face a far more damaging scenario as a result.

A black hat digital agency may use what amounts to a link farm to get your website a backlink. The easiest way to describe a link farm is spam. We all know it when we see it: websites that offer no discernable service or point of view. Shady marketers have become savvier about this since Google started penalizing these kinds of sites several years ago, but they still thrive today, albeit in disguise.

At first, a website may seem specifically about a blog or given industry, but when you read the content it becomes clear that it’s basically spam. Poor English or keyword stuffing are dead giveaways.

Given Google’s dedication to eliminating low-quality content from the internet, and their increasingly sophisticated algorithm updates, these sites will eventually be found and penalized, if they haven’t been already.

If a link to your website is found on spam sites, you will be penalized!

It doesn’t matter if your overseas SEO agency put it there without you knowing about it. Google will kick you to the curb. And the worst part? The damage may be irreparable.

You can either spend a lot of time and money trying to clean up your link reputation, or start over with a new site from scratch. Either way, you lose.
Suddenly, that cheap investment in SEO just became much more expensive.

Okay, so we’ve covered whom NOT to hire. Now let’s quickly discuss where you can focus your efforts.

How do you know if an SEO firm is legit?

Rates aren’t suspiciously cheap
Offers case studies
Involves you in the process

Rates aren’t suspiciously cheap. Like so many other things in life, you get what you pay for. That’s not to say you should automatically go with the most expensive quote, or biggest name brand you come across. You may benefit more from a mid-level company that specializes in your particular industry. But just know that the service provider with the lowest bid is probably not an ideal choice.

Offers case studies. When discussing your potential agency’s services, ask a lot of questions. Find out whom else they’ve worked with and – this is important – what kind of work they did for those other clients. Many agencies cite references even if they’re in name only. Ask for case studies so that you can see how they formed successful plans in the past, step by step.

Involves you in the process. A legitimate agency will seek your input. Perhaps most importantly, it’ll ask you what you want to achieve. Do you want to raise brand awareness? Drive traffic to a specific landing page? Based on your input, it will tailor its quote to ensure that you get what you want.


Thinking of IT outsourcing? Read this before you do…

July 3rd, 2014

The technology industry is being hailed as Britain’s fastest growing sector, which is no surprise considering that traditional “over the counter” businesses are becoming an archaic blue print of how companies used to do business.Outsourcing33

Any entrepreneur serious about taking on the challenges of starting a business should not underestimate the importance of having a strong online presence. Cyber-trading is going from strength to strength, and developing an appealing website should be a large part of any business’ strategy.

It’s not as easy as just creating a website. Customers are less likely to do business with a company that has website which isn’t up to date or is particularly difficult to navigate. While start-ups are digitally aware, around three million small businesses are missing out on custom because they aren’t using the correct platform or e-commerce software. The majority of start-ups opt for a relatively static site that is limited to a low amount of pages with very little content management – if any. Sites generally lack essential marketing tools and use out-dated software and as a result start-ups are likely to experience difficulty gaining SEO visibility and converting leads into clients.

Rising demand for IT outsourcing

Business start-ups, from budding builders to beauticians and general non-technical individuals, aren’t likely to specialise in web-development or web design nor are they likely to have the funds to be able to employ full-time developers. Hence, most small business or start-ups opt for outsourcing web development, as the prospect of conquering the internet and the tech industry can prove to be overwhelming and costly. In addition to saving the pennies, outsourcing work allows you to concentrate on core goals and business objectives.

Of course, IT outsourcing is not a concept born from technological advancements. On the contrary, the trend of outsourcing was rife in the 1990’s when technology was vastly inferior to the cyber age that we are now privy. However, the tech industries’ recent advancements has meant that its regulatory body hasn’t been able to keep up.

There’s currently nothing from preventing individual web developers and designers from exploiting a lack of awareness surrounding the industry and profit from unsuspecting business owners wishing to have an online presence.

What to do if you don’t want to outsource your IT

In order to prevent start-ups suffering from IT outsourcing, I would consider using the check list below before committing to sub-contracting your web development project:

Make sure your core business strategies are firmly in place. You need to exactly who your customers are and what they want out of your site.  Ensure that you know what experience you want to give potential customers when they are using your site.

Identify your purpose as a business. Even before you begin researching, you should have an idea of what you want your website to achieve based on your business’s mission.
Look out for ideas on other sites and note things you find easy to use which you could incorporate into your site.

Do continuous market research into your sector. Be aware of any corporate updates that could affect the way you do business.

Make sure your website is as “future proof” as possible. This will allow for changes in technology to be incorporated into your site without the need for a complete re-build.

What to consider before outsourcing a freelancer or web developer

Before embarking on your web development and design project, make sure you know who is in the design chain and how many tiers to the chain there are.

Make sure you are aware of the software and skills required by the developer in order for them to successfully be able to complete the project.

Ensure that the web designer fully understands the brief and what specific functionality is required to bring your brand to life.

Put milestones in place to ensure that deadlines can be met and continuously check-in to ensure that time-scales are being adhered to.

Ask to meet or speak to previous clients to gauge their experience of the company and their journey of developing a website.

Risks of IT outsourcing

It’s difficult for start-ups to maintain state-of-the-art software systems and services and by outsourcing it can become difficult for critical issues to be amended in good time. This may lead to critical system failures along with loss of productivity and revenue.

By outsourcing you run the risk of losing the personal touch.

Security can be an issue when outsourcing, especially when dealing with offshore companies; they may not have laws to protect intellectual property or private data.
Evaluating and measuring outsourced technical talent

Even the mere mention of web development stirs up involuntary obliviousness. How on earth are you supposed to make sure you’ve got the right person for the job if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Imran Ghory has developed a simple coding test called “FizzBuzz” that good developers should be able to complete within a few minutes. He advises that if they take longer than five minutes they probably aren’t as good as they think they are and you should continue your search.

It is the web developer/designer’s responsibility to ensure that they utilise the brief to make sure that the finer details are adhered to. These enable the site to be successfully used by potential clients.

How to know if you’ve hired the wrong person for the job

Below are a few indications that you may have outsourced your IT to the wrong person:

They aren’t clear about the expected outcome – remember that you are paying the fees and expecting the work to be completed within a realistic time frame with a clear idea of how the website is expected to function and look.

They do not have a measureable plan – all projects need to have a beginning, a middle and an end. The developer needs to evaluate your business objectives and translate them into measurable objectives.

They do not contact you with relevant updates – it’s your business and it’s the developer’s duty to ensure that you are involved in the development process.

They sacrifice functionality for aesthetics – while it is important for your website to look good, this will stand for nothing if your potential clients are unable to navigate your site.

They do not pander to your technological ignorance – they need to understand that you’re a business entrepreneur and not a computer genius. If they continuously dazzle you with tech jargon, it’s likely that they are compensating for something.

They do not give you adequate after-care information – what good is a website if you don’t know how it functions? Make sure that you are fully aware of how to use your platform including how to publish content and the use of any additional tools.

They are impossible to get hold of – during times of critical error they aren’t able to provide support and guidance meaning that you could miss out on potential revenue.

Like all other aspects of technology, web development changes from one week to the next, making it particularly susceptible to internal exploitation. By acknowledging these tips, you should minimise the risk of falling foul to this exploitation and appreciate a professional and productive relationship with your web developers in conjunction with a well-designed website.


Small Businesses Turn to Global Outsourcing for Managing Growth

June 23rd, 2014

While freelancing e-marketplaces like elance have thrown up a wide variety of choices for outsourcing work, it still remains a pipe dream for most small businesses. “The key to success is credibility, trust and the experience to make a long-distance association work” cites Sunder Prakasham, Managing Director, GetFriday.Outsourcing19

GetFriday, the World’s leading virtual assistant firm recently launched ‘GetFridayAce’ , its small business support services for entrepreneurs & startups globally. Apart from business support across industries/verticals, Ace also provides specialized skills like Web Services, SEO, Bookkeeping, Research & Analytics.

Michael Tyrrell, founder of WHS First Aid Kits (Australia) is a man on a mission. He wants to make available first aid kits to help people be better prepared for an emergency. He was lucky enough to survive the Dec.2004 tsunami on Phi-Phi Island; clearly unprepared when disaster struck, he didn’t want others to be.

Michael turned to GetFriday in July 2013 for help to grow his business. What started initially as a 10-hour/month engagement now encompasses email management, eBay order processing, online dispatches, dispatch-expense tracking to even scheduling warehouse pickups and monitoring them though webcam. All of it handled remotely by GetFridayAce from Bangalore, India. What’s more, Michael even managed to improve his keyword-rankings with their SEO efforts.

Parasuram Prabhu, Director, GetFriday says, “As an entrepreneur, you need a single partner with deep skills to help you grow. We help people be on top of their business, not in it.” And it isn’t just startups and small businesses who can benefit from outsourcing, even professionals can.

Christopher Young, Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School & Colorectal Surgeon has been using GetFriday for personal tasks since 2012. In Nov.2013 he decided to give business a try and upgraded to a 40-hour/month plan. Since then, GetFridayAce has helped him with generating letters from dictated notes, remote data entry, filing reports by patient folders, setting reminders and even searching for articles to assist his research, using PubMed.

Having served 11,000+ clients in over 40 countries, GetFridayAce certainly has the credibility, experience and a good understanding of small business needs.


Tycoon Softech Outsource SEO Company India Launches Reseller SEO Packages Starting at Just US$150

May 16th, 2014

Tycoon Softech is a leading outsource SEO Company based in India, offering professional SEO services ranging from link building, content writing, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and more. For those who outsource SEO, Company has now come out with reseller packages starting at as low as just US$150.gI_60188_Logo

For optimizing a single website, the SEO packages of TycoonSoftech start at $200 per month, but clients who wish to avail SEO services for more than two projects can benefit even more by availing packages starting at just $150 per month. Those who want to outsource SEO services with more than ten projects can make the most out of their offer, which starts at just $120 per website, and almost avail around 40% discount on the rack rate of $200.

Talking about the offer at a press event, the company’s Managing Director stated – “We are delighted to offer professional website optimization services at the most competitive prices in the industry. And, we have got even more exciting offers for bulk orders, which allow resellers to avail up to 40% discounts. So, make the most out of our SEO reseller packages!”

The professional SEO services offered by the firm are backed by proven results, thanks to expert team of SEO professionals that have years of experience and expertise in the field.

Clients and bigger SEO agencies can outsource SEO to India and get the desired results for all their SEO campaigns through Tycoon Softech.

The Managing Director also went on to say – “Optimizing websites for search engines undoubtedly offers businesses the best value for their money. All our on-page and off-page optimization methods aim at just one aspect- helping our client site rank the best in the search engine results and earn maximum traffic, thus gaining more online visibility. This in turn helps businesses enhance their sales leads and so increase their profits. Our entire team strives to achieve the desired results.”

Clients interested in outsourcing their optimization requirements can get in touch with Tycoon Softech by logging on to the company website for more details.


4 Reasons to Spend More on SEO

September 9th, 2013

Google has made dramatic changes in 2013, with the May 22 Penguin update having the biggest impact for small business websites. After some severe reductions in traffic, some webmasters are at least seeing traffic increases in August due, in part, to a Panda softening from Google.

In response, many webmasters are making big shifts in SEO tactics. While long overdue, this is the right move.

Few businesses are looking to move to lower quality SEO services as they now fear Google more than ever. But small businesses run very close to the margin and traditionally resist increasing the SEO budget, regardless of the consequences. Here are four reasons why small business owners should reconsider.

1. Google Asked You To

While many will dismiss this as PR, Google has clearly communicated that they no longer will tolerate SEO tactics that used to work in 2008. Article spinning, keyword stuffing, excessive bookmarks, reborn domains, paid links, thin content, and duplicate content are all not OK.

Even if you haven’t received an unnatural link warning, the writing is on the wall. Quality must increase for continued success in SEO. While this message is clearly self-serving for Google, it’s important to respect their power in the industry.

2. Recovering From Google Updates is Expensive

There are plenty of websites that have partially recovered from Penguin downgrades, but each case is different. The level of returning traffic varies.

Technical issues on-site are the easiest to fix and should be addressed quickly using Webmaster Tools as the guide. Duplicate content needs to be removed immediately.

Keyword-stuffed titles need to be edited. Thin content, a favorite among many, should be replaced with real content marketing.

Off-site issues, such as bad link building, are particularly hard to fix. It is very ironic that firms now exist to send “link removal request” emails to other firms who were previously retained to build those links.

Small business needs to stop doing bad link building and embrace content marketing. They need to get creative and experiment with newsjacking.

All of these activities cost money. Smart business owners are thinking toward the future and deciding to spend more on SEO now (via higher quality services) to avoid repeating this activity in 2014.

3. SEO Has Merged With Marketing

Many small business webmasters were using a “set-it-and-forget-it” SEO strategy, believing that they need not worry about SEO after hiring a firm. This violates one of the major tenets of business process outsourcing, which is to outsource process and execution, but maintain strict performance monitoring and accountability.

It isn’t surprising that many small businesses are feeling buyer’s remorse, wishing they had done greater due-diligence in the vendor selection process and better understood the risks associated with SEO.

It should be clear at this point that SEO is no longer a technical exercise and is rapidly merging with marketing and public relations. Smart CEOs recognize the strategic importance of SEO in our digital world. For this reason, they find ways to amplify SEO in allmarketing activities. Ironically, many companies have SEO opportunities they don’t harness.

For example, every employee should maintain a “work” Twitter account and share industry news, blog posts and company specials to help spread content. This type of integrated SEO marketing execution is the future, and will draw more budget dollars.

4. SEO ROI Remains High

The data suggests that SEO is still a great investment. This means that small business shouldn’t necessarily shop for the cheapest SEO vendor, but consider the return they can make on their money if they spend more:

  • SEO remains a very high ROI activity.
  • The cost-per-lead for SEO is still very attractive.
  • Google has significantly tightened the requirements for high-quality SEO.
  • Integrated marketing strategies have big efficiencies.


All technologies and industries mature, and price-points typically change dramatically along the way. SEO is following the same playbook as most other young industries.

In the last few years we have seen SEO move from infancy to adolescence, with the Google algorithm updates as mileposts. While SEO will become more difficult and expensive to execute, the return on investment remains high for small business. In the end, ROI is more important than the absolute number of a budget line item.


SEO Outsourcing Company Just Keeps on Growing With New Hires and Agency Client Wins

December 5th, 2012

The UK-based SEO services provider SEO Outsourcing Company has developed a great reputation in its sector for the variety and quality of the SEO and link building services that it provides. Indeed, it routinely provides its link building services to other SEO agencies and works with a great number and variety of companies throughout the world. However, the firm shows no intention of resting on its laurels, as it has announced that it is hiring more staff in the UK and India and has won contracts to supply guest posting services to UK and USA

Indeed, despite being a UK-based company, ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ provides outsourced SEO and link building services for the websites of many clients in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada and Australia. Its hiring of more staff and winning of new contracts is likely to enhance the already impressive reputation that ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ has both nationally and internationally.

SEO Outsourcing Company’s growth looks set to enhance the firm’s reputation Search engines like Google and Bing now also respond to social media signals when ranking websites, and ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ can help other SEO agencies to benefit from this, as the company offers many products that can help such agencies to maximise their presence in the search results of Google, Bing and other search engines. The current growth of ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ should only help such agencies to do this even more effectively in the future.

An ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ spokesperson stated: “We are very excited about the ongoing growth of the company. We already have many satisfied clients around the world, but our hiring of new staff in the UK and India and winning of new contracts to supply guest posting services to agencies in the UK and the United States is only going to enhance the quality of our services and our reputation.”

The rise in the reputation of ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ likely to occur in future years and the increasing use of the World Wide Web (WWW) both in the UK and internationally could encourage increasing visitor numbers for the ‘SEO Outsourcing Company’ website in the next few years.


The SEO Works Opens New Sheffield Office

October 31st, 2012

A Sheffield SEO company is welcoming the public in through the doors of its newly opened shop front, to offer a personal touch that most SEO companies simply can’t.

The team at The SEO Works are actually able to meet and get to know their customers, thanks to their open-door policy, whereas most SEO companies deal with clients solely via the internet and over the phone.


The SEO Works is the brainchild of Neil Palmer, who started the company to help local businesses become more visible on the web, thus enabling them to boost their sales.

What is SEO?

Put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way to get websites to show up higher in Google and other search engines’ results pages, by using specialised techniques. By ranking higher for relevant search terms, a business’s website will get a lot more visits from people already planning on buying what they sell.

Why Working with a Local SEO Company is Better

There are SEO companies all over the world, all of which will happily cater to any business willing to pay them. It can be difficult trying to decide which SEO company to work with, because there are just so many out there.

Some choose to hire the cheapest company they can find, but this doesn’t always yield good results – which defeats the object of outsourcing SEO services in the first place. Some choose the most prestigious SEO company they can find, but this can be expensive as these companies are in high demand and can charge exorbitant rates. And some choose to work with a local SEO company.

A local SEO company understands the local market, and can offer a more targeted campaign – one which is tailored to appeal to the locals by using insider knowledge.

SEO Works: Local SEO Experts

The beauty of The SEO Works is that it’s a local company with a real presence – which means people can visit. Not only does The SEO Works specialise in locally or nationally targeted SEO campaigns, but its open-door policy means it can really get to know its customers and understand their needs.

Sheffield florists Andy and Katie Peckett are delighted with what Neil and the rest of the guys at The SEO Works have accomplished for them, saying, “Neil and the team have been great to work with from day 1. We are impressed by both the results in the rankings and the transparency with the reports we get.”

Mandy White, a Sheffield-based furniture specialist, is also happy with the team’s work: “Having various local search terms at number 1 on Google has improved our turnover and online presence exactly as required.”


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